Our Health Literacy Services

Clear Language Solutions to Patient-Centered Care

Your health care organization’s biggest concern is delivering high quality results efficiently and effectively. Life in today’s industry demands you exceed standards, stay competitive, and keep a close eye on the bottom line.

So how do you do all that while maintaining goodness in the eyes of your patients?

Easy. You partner with any member of our team.

We’re experts in developing health initiatives and social marketing campaigns with health literacy at their core. You’ve read the figures. We don’t have to tell you that half of your patients have limited reading and comprehension skills. If they can’t understand, you can’t deliver. It’s that simple.

But when you partner with Health Literacy Works, you walk away with methods you can use within your organization to make sure your patients walk away with what they need to know. We deliver efficient, effective, high quality results, so you deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

Our range of expertise includes:

  • Writing and designing easy-to-read materials
  • Teaching verbal communication strategies
  • Designing social marketing campaigns and health initiatives
  • Producing multimedia and Web-based materials
  • Conducting focus groups and evaluations
  • Coordinating and conducting seminars, symposiums, and trainings
  • Presenting on low health literacy, multicultural health, and special patient population issues