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Seminars and Symposiums

Seminars and Symposiums… Health Education Beyond the Brochure

How many times have you gotten back to your office after a workshop or seminar and been fired up? The ideas were flowing, your energy was high, but in no time at all, both were buried under the day-to-day grind.

Our team can help develop and/or support seminars and symposiums that empower participants to return to work and make things happen. We build in a next-step component, so your participants not only leave with valuable information, but also know exactly what it is they need to do tomorrow.

When we design your seminars and symposiums, your participants learn proven techniques and practical solutions. They hear dynamic speakers giving powerful presentations. And they experience a tight, well-run event.

We take the pressure off you by handling all the details. We:

  • Make sure your topics have a health literacy component.
  • Guide speakers on creating readable slides and framing concepts.
  • Use in-house staff from top to bottom.
  • Blend our knowledge and expertise to fit your needs.

Client Testimonies

“The team delivered. They pulled in over 500 participants—well beyond our expectations. The energy in the room was contagious. Incredibly successful event.”
— Black Legislative Caucus Foundation staff
“Medicare Part D is complex and begs for a health literacy component. Jann designed a stellar program that enabled participants to take action in their communities. Just what was needed!”
— Steering committee for the Part D series
“Health Literacy Works delivered a top-quality program. Bringing together key dynamic speakers made our program a standout. Our participants especially enjoyed the interactive sessions. We had a comprehensive report in hand just days after the symposium to boot.”
— Funder for CVD health program

Your success is our success.
Call us at 410.480.9716. Or email us at Jann@HealthLiteracyWorks.com